Anton Agostin

Half-elf Sorceror/Faceman


Level 10 Wild Sorceror
Half-elf Noble
Chaotic Good

Attributes + Proficiencies

Strength: 8 (-1)
       Save: -1
       Athletics: -1
Dexterity: 12 ( + 1)
       Save: + 1
       Acrobatics: + 1
       Slight of Hand: + 1
       Stealth: + 1
Constitution: 16 ( + 3)
       Save: + 7 (P)
Intelligence: 10 ( + 0)
       Save: + 0
       Arcana: + 4 (P)
       History: + 4 (P)
       Investigation: + 0
       Nature: + 0
       Religion: + 0
Wisdom: 14 ( + 2)
       Save: + 2
       Animal Handling: + 2
       Insight: + 6 (P)
       Medicine: + 2
       Perception: + 6 (P)
       Survival: + 2
Charisma: 19 ( + 4)
       Save: + 8 (P)
       Deception: + 8 (P)
       Intimidation: + 4
       Performance: + 8 (P)
       Persuasion: + 8 (P)

Other Proficiencies

    Weapons: Dagger, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaff, Light Crossbow
    Armor: None
    Languages: Common, Elvish, Draconic, Orcish
    Tools: Dice

Combat Stats

    Initiative: + 1
    Speed: 30ft
    HP Max: 72
    Hit Dice Max: 10D6

Features + Traits

    Darkvision (Darkness is dim light, dim light is full light up to 60ft)
    Fey Ancestry (Advantage VS Charm, Immune to Sleep effects)
    Position of Privilege (As a noble I am treated well by common
        folk and may interact with other nobles as equals)
    Spellcasting (Slots: 4, 3, 3, 3, 2 Save: 16, Attack Modifier: + 8)
    Wild Magic Surge (Casting 1st lvl or higher spells may trigger a
        surge. Roll 1d20, if result is 1 roll on wild magic table)
    Font of Magic (10 sorcery points)
    Metamagic (Careful Spell, Subtle Spell, Empowered Spell)
    Tides of Chaos (gain advantage on attack, ability, or save)
    Bend Luck (2 sorcery points to add/subtract 1d4 to any roll)
    Actor (Advantage on Deception and Performance rolls to be
        someone else, able to mimic others)


Cantrips Known
    Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Chill touch, Fire Bolt, Light

Spells by Level
    1st: Shield,
    2nd: Alter Self, Detect Thoughts,
    3rd: Couterspell, Fireball, Gaseous Form, Tongues,
    4th: Greater Invisibility, Wall of Fire,
    5th: Insect Plague, Telekinesis


To those who don’t know him Anton looks like a human bordering on unnatural beauty. He’s average height for a human (a little tall for the half-elf he actually is) and a little slender, his skin color a deep olive and long hair a deep lustrous black. His ears are remarkably unusual for a half-elf, being only slightly pointed, they’re often mistaken for human ears. However his eyes are one of the few things that betray his elven ancestry, being a bright gold that jumps out of his dark complexion.

Anton began life as a bastard of a house Agostin. His mother, Aria, was strong willed, independent, and well liked, the only child of her line (though her father remarried after her mother’s death and had further children), his father was a mysterious Elf. They met at a function, had a whirlwind romance and then, a few short weeks later, he vanished. When Aria announced she was pregnant and intended to raise him on her own the rest of her family (and the world) could hardly argue. Anton was raised by his mother and grandfather, who instilled in him the noble’s responsibility to others, (Ideal: My duty is to the people, even if they don’t think so) however being the bastard he was never involved in the noble politics and was often the target of spite among other noble houses. He dealt with this by winning his enemies over with his charm, never really a peer of the houses, but always a trusted friend. (Personality Trait: Everyone’s best friend)

He excelled in many of the things you might expect of his Elven lineage; Art, Music, Storytelling, and also magic. When he was old enough he attended a prestigious Wizard’s academy. Rumor has it that he had such a gift from his father that within the month he performed a feat of great magic, and was thereafter privately tutored by one of the best Mages. (Personality Trait: As intense as the elements churning within me) Unbeknownst to the public however he was actually handpicked by Cedarious Thunderfist a spymaster and mage in the Darian intelligence service. Anton received his lessons in both magic AND spycraft from him. Cedarious convinced Anton to join up, however Anton is really just loyal to his mentor alone and would leave the service in a heartbeat if his mentor left or died. (Bond: Loyal to my Friends and Family, not the crown)

Now to the public he spends much of his time following his whims (as his kind often does, Flaw: Follows the winds), traveling for leisure, writing and performing songs, telling stories, painting, etc. But truly he travels for his mentor, doing spywork where he is needed.

Anton Agostin

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