Quiet and sullen, you probably would never no he was in a room with you, but when you do, you hope he is on your team. Comes off like he probably would have a great conversation with the drow.


Wood-Elf Rouge Urchin

STR 14 +2 Save +2
DEX 18 +4 Save +8P
CON 12 +1 Save +1
INT 10 0 Save +4P
WIS 16 +3 Save +3
CHA 8 -1 Save -1

Proficiency Bonus +4
Speed 45’
HP 63 HD d8
Initiative +4

Languages: Common, Elvish
Weapon Proficiency: Longsword, Shortsword, Longbow, Shortbow, Simple, Hand Crossbow, Rapier
Armour Proficiency: Light
Tool Proficiency: Thieves Tools, Disguise Kit

Darkvision 60’
Fey Ancestry: Advantage vs charm savings throw, cant be put to sleep
Trance: Meditate for 4 hours to rest instead of sleep for 8 hours.
Mask Of The Wild: Hide when Lightly obscured.
Sneak Attack: 5d6
Expertise: Pick four skills double proficiency bonus; Acrobatics, Perception, Stealth, Athletics
Thieves Cant: Understand the Underground Language, Markers, Messages and the like.
City Secrets: Know the secret patterns to cities, 1/2 travel time in cities.
Cunning Action: Bonus action on every turn; Dash, Disengage, Hide
Roguish Archetype: Thief
Fast Hands: Bonus actions available; Slight of hand, use thief’s tools to disarm trap or open lock, Use an object.
Second Story Work: Climbing cost no extra movement, Running jump adds DEX modifier in feet
Uncanny Dodge: When hit by attacker in vision, use reaction to 1/2 damage
Evasion: Dodge area effect. No damage on success 1/2 on fail.
Supreme Sneak: Advantage on stealth if only moved 1/2 movement.
Observant: +5 Passive Perception and Investigation, Lip Reading
Mobile: +10’ movement speed, When dash is used, difficult terrain cost no movement, When melee attack is made against creature, i no long provoke opportunity attacks.

Acrobatics 12PE
Perception 11PE
Sleight Of Hand 8P
Stealth 12PE
Investigation 4P
Athletics 10PE
Insight 7P


Life growing up wasn’t lively forests and pretty flowers for this wood-elf. More like dark manky alley ways and sketchy “friends” On the street he could trust no one, as no one wanted the elf around. Growing up on the streets in one of the biggest cities in the world, an elf is forced to grow up quick, so though only 30, he is quick on his feet, has the eyes of a hawk, and goes anywhere undetected.

About ten years ago, though, a young elf got cocky, and wound up in a cell. A small and desperate lord in a ploy to bolster his forces then conscripted a large number of prisoners, able or not. The army was nice, lots of travel, food, plunder, women willing and not, and when a non-soldiering night was needed, that lot was never going to notice that the quiet elf was missing.

After about 5 years, one night out turned into quite the blood bath. An enemy detachment had garrisoned themselves in a small little town. They weren’t much. Most of them never saw it coming. Went back to command the next day, with a pile of heads, and said, “Problem solved”

Being as a small little lord of a small little army must be smart, a promotion came. The lord had a list of “Odds and ‘ENDS’” to tie up. Guess who checked off that list. For the next couple of years, that was pretty standard. Then one day a mystery man came with a proposal. Said lord was making the king rather upset, and needed to go. Well, the rest is history.



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