Randall Street

Quiet, short, and trim with dark hair and bright eyes.


Randall Street
Human Ranger
Neutral Good

Str 14
Dex 20
Con 17
Int 10
Wis 18
Cha 11

Prof +4

Str & Dex

Sleight of hand

Feats & Traits

Favored enemy
Favored terrain
1 forest
2 Grassland
Archery 2 to ranged attack rolls
Primeval awareness
Hunter class focus
Colossus slayer, 1d8 dog when target has less then max hp.
Escape the horde, all attacks of opportunity against the player are made at a disadvantage.
Lands stride, movement over non magic difficult terrain or through non magic plants takes no extra movement, saves against magic plant based entanglement are made at an advantage.
Hide in plain sight, 1 min of work camouflage with character can hide up against a wall or tree +10 to hide checks.
Sharpshooter feat,
No penalty for long range, ignore half and three quarters cover, may take a -5 on the attack to deal +10 dmg
Spells 6 known spell. Modifier +8 save 18
1st level 4 slots
Cure wounds v,s, range touch instantaneous
Target heals 1d8
mod hp
Additional 1d8 for each slot above 1st
Good berry v,s,m (sprig of mistletoe) touch, instantaneous
Up to ten berries appear in hand each if eaten cures one hp and provides nourishment for one day berries last for 24 hours.
Hail of Thorns bonus action v,

2nd level 3 slots

pass without trace

3rd level 2 slots
lightning arrow


Raised an Urchin among the large crowded southern cities of Darius Randall begged and stole at his mother’s bidding for much of his young life until her death left him truly alone at the age of seven living off rats and trash among the docks and factories of Darius’s second city. Randall ran with a few gangs here and there and had his brushes with the law but never fit in or went down for anything big. At the age of fourteen he walked into an army recruiting office lied about his age and requested any duty in which he would not be stationed in a city. Whether the recruiter was particularly gullible, short of a quota, or just took pity on the poor urchin Randall found himself in a wagon bound for basic training the next day and six months later found himself assigned to a western border post. A scout sergeant at the post took notice of the quiet young recruit in too big armor and soon Randal was “shuffled” into the post’s recon troop. Randall it turns out was a natural, his already honed stealth and heretofore unknown talent with a bow made him a perfect fit in spite of his young age. Two years later when Randall was accepted into Darian Recon school he passed top of his class and turned down a promotion to take a slot in the army’s Forward Observation Survey Unit. After ten years with FOSU when Sgt Randall Street is approached by an unknown officer about a new unit that’s being put together that could use his skills… well he owes the Army everything and besides, it could be fun.

Randall Street

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