Seqana Tun

Level 10 Tiefling Warlock


Attributes and Proficiencies

Strength 15 +2
Dexterity 15 +2
Constitution 16 +3
Intelligence 16 +3 Investigation, Arcana, History
Wisdom 17 +2 Saving Throws
Charisma 19 +4 Saving Throws, Intimidation

Proficiency Bonus +4
Speed 30
HP 83
Hit Dice 1D8
Initiative +2
Armor Class 13
Spell Save 16
Spell Attack Modifier 8

Languages: Common, Infernal
Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Dagger?
Armor: Padded Armor

Features and Traits

Sage – Scribe/Researcher
Hellish Resistance
Spell Slots – 2
Feat – Mage Slayer – You have practiced techniques useful in melee combat against spellcasters, gaining the following benefits: When a creature within 5 feet of you casts a spell, you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against that creature. When you damage a creature that is concentrating on a spell, that creature has disadvantage on the saving throw it makes to maintain its concentration. You have advantage on saving throws against spells cast by creatures within 5 feet of you
Dark Vision

Patron – The Fiend
Dark One’s Blessing – Starting at 1st levei, when you reduce a hostile creature to O hit points, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier+your warlock level (minimum of 1).
Dark One’s Own Luck – When you make an ability check or asaving throw, you can use this feature to add a dlO toyour roll. Vou can do so after seeing the initial roll butbefore any of the roll’s effects occur.Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again untilyou finish a short or long rest.
Fiendish Resilience – Fire
Imp Familiar – When you take the Attack action, you can forgo one of your own attacks to allow your familiar to make one attack of its own


Command –
Crown of Madness
Hunger of Hadar
Dispel Magic
Flame Strike
Hold Monster


Blade Ward
True Strike
Mage hand
Chill Touch
Minor Illusion


Eldritch Sight – You can cast detect magic at will, without expending a spell slot.
Misty Visions – You can cast silent image at will, without expending a spell slot or material component
Otherworldly Leap – You can cast jump on yourself at will, without expending a spell slot or material components
One With Shadows – When you are in an area of dim light or darkness, you can use your action to become invisible until you move or take an action or reaction.
Mask of Many Faces – You can cast disguise self at will, without expending a spell slot.


Wand of the War Mage – Very Rare
Armor +1 – Rare
Cap of Water Breathing – Uncommon
Necklace of Adaptation – Uncommon
Ring of Jumping – Uncommon
Boots of Speed – Rare


Seqana Tun is a mysterious young and secretive Tiefling Warlock. Very little is known about his youth, save that it was a dark trying time filled with prejudice and hatred, a time where Seqana learned to count only on himself and to keep a certain separation from his fellow peers. By the time he was passing on ten years he had come to find comfort in his solice but he began also to feel a strong anger begin to burn inside him like the first kindling of a fierce fire. This anger seemed to be pushing him to find some way to right the wrongs he had seemly faced to no end through his young life. To do so through whatever means possible and necessary.

One day, in a dark mood, he found himself wandering alone in the thick ancient forests near his hometown, drunk with malice and literally shaking with rage, when while mumbling to himself about some of his enemies he began to notice a voice returning his call. Urging him on in his inner dialogue, feeding his fire. After some short while he took notice of this new voice and became frightened. He ran screaming headlong through the forest, twisting and turning only to find himself in a dark mist. Slowly coming to his senses he realized the voice was gone and began making his way forward, trying to find a way back to his beginning. Emerging through the fog he could see the large gaping maw of a great cavern. Inside himself he felt an immense and sudden dread but as he felt his mind and body he realized this was the feeling that had lead him here, drawn by his anger and need for retribution.

Some many days later he emerged from that cave, a smile on his face, a new darker more confident look upon him. he set forth and now knew of his greater purpose and had a means to seek what he needed. Along his side, a tiny glowing green shape with a cackling grin and dancing flaming feet dancing upon the ground. He had indeed emerged with some kind of dark imp companion, eager to do his bidding.

While inside that cavern something sinister had worked through his mind and body. It is not quite correct to say that it controlled his mind or had a place in him, but just that an influence was now noticeable to his consciousness. A warm companion whom he felt something like a love he had never felt before in his pain filled existence. The companion had it’s own wants and needs but it was willing to work through him, to come to a mutually beneficial relationship.

For some reason this dark patron wanted for Seqana to join the King’s Military Service. At this moment in time it’s motives for wishing this for him were unclear but it made clear to him that in doing so he would refine his own powers, develop much greater mental fortitude and develop all the necessary tools to bring pain and suffering to any and all of those either Seqana or the fiend deemed worthy of such.

Most of Seqana’s formative year’s were spent thereafter working his way through the rough military academy in the capital and hardening his mind and body. During the long days, he trained hard in the ways of military efficiency, discipline and tactics and during the evenings and nights his patron began to reveal to him some innate powers he had within him. Many were the lessons and abilities revealed to him by the patron. His daily and nightly instructors drove a hard bargain and were not above physical punishment when he became lax or lazy in his studies. The time seemed to merge together and long years passed in what seemed like days to him. Before he knew it, he was a force to be reckoned with. Short was the glance of his fellow military man for many had learned of him through word of mouth or through unpleasant encounters. Quickly his reputation and abilities buoyed him through the ranks. Soon he was counted on by one of the top generals to do his most difficult and sensitive missions. Assassinations, village razings, important battles, none were above his station.

Unfortunately, his standing would be short lived when an important mission he was on went badly. Some not inconsequential number of civilian casualties were attributed to his gross negligence and blood thirsty, ruthless tactics. The general was awaiting his return to reprimand and possibly put Seqana to the King’s Court on charges of murder when word returned that he had disappeared. Shortly after learning of the consequences for his actions he had gone off from his unit at night and none had heard from him since.

Seqana Tun

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